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Flip & Dani Lynn Robison are seasoned real estate investors who have bought and sold over 1,000 properties. Today they serve as the Co-Founders of the Freedom Real Estate Group family of companies based out of Centerville, Ohio which includes an acquisitions company, renovation company, turnkey company, property management company, a brokerage and a syndication company with over 40 team members and still growing. Dani is also an esteemed member of the Forbes Real Estate Council with numerous published articles and expert panel features. Together, they are also members of several mastermind and investment groups and partnered with national and international investor organizations. They have been featured at speaking events around the country and numerous podcasts. Currently their parent company, Freedom Real Estate Group, tripled its sales in 2019 from the prior year and continues to grow and manage high volume residential flips. Starting in 2020, their team also began renovating and managing mid-size apartment complexes. Their property management team currently manages almost 500 properties for investors all over the United States and around the world including Switzerland, Canada, France, Israel, England, Iran, and Japan. Fun Facts: Flip & Dani have an interesting history of both going to college in Florida, both played trumpet professionally at Walt Disney World in Ohio and on Carnival Cruise Lines without ever knowing each other until a hurricane hit and caused both of their cruise ships to dock in Nassau Bahamas where they met for the very first time. Although they enjoyed 10+ years of life on cruise ships, they are happy to be land based now and the proud furry parents to two feisty bulldogs named Spartacus and Rosie and one golden retriever named Bailey.

Which is better for you: Traditional IRA or Roth IRA

As most readers know, with a Traditional IRA, you can deduct your IRA contribution in the current year. However, years later you will pay tax when you withdraw funds from the Traditional IRA. With a Roth IRA, you do not get a deduction on your Roth IRA contribution in the current year. However, years later you do

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