Creating Wealth and Passive Income Through Real Estate Investing


Our Private Money Lenders earn 6-10% on their money with the security of a note and mortgage just like a bank holds. Terms are 12 months, many times you can be in and out of a deal in as little as 4 months. With over $12 Million dollars in active private money lenders, this has been a popular option! Minimum Investment is $50K using multiple resources including your retirement accounts.

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Do you like being a private lender but want to earn even higher returns? With a debt fund, your money is still secured by real estate but you get to keep your money working all year round with no down time between deals. This makes your effective interest rate higher and allows you as the investor to invest more passively. Minimum Investment is typically $50K using multiple resources including your retirement accounts.

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Are you interested in earning the highest returns with tax benefits? This is how you do it!  You’re going to want to invest in one of our real estate syndication opportunities where you’ll receive “Preferred Returns” (you get paid before we do) through quarterly distributions. Minimum Investment is typically $50K – $300K using multiple resources including your retirement accounts.

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Why Freedom Capital Investments?

Our Value-Add Strategy

Freedom Capital Investments is a real estate private equity firm focused on the acquisition and management of multi-family properties. We believe in building long-term wealth and passive income streams through this unique value-add investment opportunity—one that mitigates risk and increases profit potential.

Our strategy is simple. We buy apartment buildings and multi-family units, make physical and operational improvements and increase the net operating income (NOI). This process, also known as forced appreciation, increases the value of the property.

When the value of the property increases, the cash on cash (CoC) return and internal rate of return (IRR) increase as well, meaning we pay our investors their preferred returns and split the remaining profits. We believe that in real estate investing, forced appreciation is a key to generating wealth.

Each deal we fund is an opportunity for investors to generate tax-efficient income, preserve capital investments and build equity through future capital appreciation of the assets.

At Freedom Capital Investments we know you want to achieve a passive income from real estate without getting your hands dirty and work with a trusted team to invest but not have to worry about the day-to-day of managing properties.

Investing in real estate should be for everyone. We understand, we’ve been there. We knew real estate was a great way to maximize our investments but didn’t know who to trust. That’s why we created Freedom Capital Group to be a transparent real estate investing vehicle you can trust.

Follow our simple 3 step plan to achieve your passive real estate income:

  1. Call us at 937-551-2282 or schedule a call with our Investor Relations Team at
  2. Request a list of our available opportunities
  3. Enjoy passive income without the stress of management

Also learn The Ultimate Guide to Make More Passive Income in Real Estate with These Top 3 Strategies so you can avoid paying taxes, volatility of other investments, and the fear of missing out and instead gain tax benefits, passive income returns, and the excitement of being part of a real estate investing community you can trust.

Why Multi-family?


Positive cash flow from rental income is typically distributed to investors monthly or quarterly and in lump sum payouts at disposition and/or refinancing. 


Unlike single family homes, a multifamily apartment syndication is a business valued primarily by its Net Operating Income (NOI), not property comps. Through physical and operational improvements, you can increase the value of the property by increasing NOI.


Regular incoming revenue from rental income and other operational fees and/or dues pays down the debt on the property, building equity for investors.

DEPRECIATION (and other tax benefits)

Investors benefit from tax benefits including: accelerated depreciation and cost segregation, possible 1031 exchanges into new projects and a tax-free return of initial equity.. 

How it Works

1 – Identify properties that meet our buying criteria.
2 – Execute our business plan for the property, including all renovations and upgrades.
3 – Provide safe, clean, and affordable housing at market rent.
4 – Increase the operating income of the property, as well as decrease the expenses.
5 – Continue to raise the rents in line with the local market.
6 – Determine exit strategy which would either be to refinance the property and return capital back to our investors or sell the asset to maximize our returns.
7 – Repeat

Are you ready to start investing in Real Estate? Are you ready to build long-term wealth and increase your monthly passive income?


Our Portfolio

Lake Forest Apartments, Daytona Beach, FL -384 Units

Lake Forest Apartments

384 Units – Daytona Beach, FL

Grimes Townhouses

8 Units – Middletown, OH

Pine Ridge Apartments

48 Units – Middletown, OH

Co Founders, Flip & Dani Lynn Robison

Flip & Dani Lynn Robison are seasoned real estate investors who have bought and sold over 1,000 properties. Today they serve as the Co-Founders of the Freedom Real Estate Group family of companies based out of Centerville, Ohio which includes an acquisitions company, renovation company, turnkey company, property management company, a brokerage and a syndication company with over 40 team members and still growing.

Dani is also an esteemed member of the Forbes Real Estate Council with numerous published articles and expert panel features. Together, they are hosts of REIal Talk Podcast, which is “real talk for real estate investors”. They are members of several mastermind and investment groups and partnered with national and international investor organizations. They have been featured at speaking events around the country and numerous podcasts.

Currently their parent company, Freedom Real Estate Group, tripled its sales in 2019 from the prior year and continues to grow and manage high volume residential flips. Starting in 2020, their team also began renovating and managing mid-size apartment complexes. Their property management team currently manages almost 500 properties for investors all over the United States and around the world including Switzerland, Canada, France, Israel, England, Iran, and Japan.

Fun Facts:

Flip & Dani have an interesting history of both going to college in Florida, both played trumpet professionally at Walt Disney World and on Carnival Cruise Lines without ever knowing each other until a hurricane hit and caused both of their cruise ships to dock in Nassau Bahamas where they met for the very first time. Although they enjoyed 10+ years of life on cruise ships, they are happy to be land based now and the proud furry parents to two feisty bulldogs named Spartacus and Rosie and one golden retriever named Bailey.

If you are ready to protect your capital, increase passive income and grow your wealth over time, we are here for you. Connect with us now to start investing so you can have the time and flexibility to live the life you want later.

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